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-From the anime [Kimetsu no Yaiba], the main character, Tanjiro Kamado, appears in [Hinokami Kagura] specifications!

-The impressive [Hinokami Kagura] effect with the blade wearing flames is reproduced with three layers of yellow and clear red.
――Haori, troupe, hair, etc. are expressed in reddish molding color that imaged the reflection of flames.
--Layered injection molding realizes a lively look.
-Reproduce the eyes of Sumijiro to the iris with the technology of molding multiple molding colors into one part.
-The face is molded with one part up to the pattern of the eyebrows and the scars on the forehead. The scars on the eyebrows and forehead are different colors and are integrated into the facial parts.
-Reproduce the dynamic haori just by dividing the parts.

・ Sunflower sword (folded) x 1
・ Hinokami Kagura effect x 1
・ Foil seal x 1