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BANDAI Mega Size 1/48 Model Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode)

- The biggest model in the series with the largest appearance!
- Overall height about 452 mm !! Mega size model maximum size! Feel the giant feeling of the real thing with the plamo according to the topic of standing up!

- POINT 1: Mega Size Series Maximum Size!
Mega size unicorn Gundam boasts overwhelming size. The total height is about 452 mm and the biggest size in the mega size series history.

- POINT 2: adopt shading mold
Part of the shoulder armor and other parts of the body Adopted a shading mold at key points. It emphasizes the shadow by sculpting the mold deeper than in the past, just to assemble it into a three-dimensional sense just like in the play.

- Attached weapons
Beam magnum and shield of the same scale are included. Beam · saber blade effect is attached to both arms to reproduce beam · tofer.




- Char's Zaku came from all Gandamufan Megasaizumoderu dedicated to big models!
- Ease to assemble the pipe liner lock mechanism in the adoption of power! Of course, also supports moving!
- Daburusepareta mono eye is included in the mobile!
- Children's fingers can easily 動Kasemasu.
Their own tools - and is ... Megasaizumoderu Daburusepareta to help take the parts from the runner.
- RG also adopted a new panel line.
Without any discomfort - RG Megasaizugandamu reproduced alongside the panel lines.
- RG shape conforms to the design of the backpack!
- Great! Easy to make! Fun! Megasaizumoderu POINT1: No special tools required for assembly. Nipper can not use.
· POINT2: Snap adopted without glue to assemble.
· POINT3: hearty! Ganpurasuteppuappumanyuaru come.
· POINT4: fun and fast-lock type runner.
· POINT5: Easy to assemble in Daburusepareta.
· POINT6: assembly instructions and color illustrations, intuitive icons that the necessary parts (symbols) is adopted.
· POINT7: Iropura because, without a finished painting cool!
· POINT8: uses a special decal, Ditiruappu challenge!




- First volume of the Gundam Kit 30th anniversary. The excitement of 4.15mil visitors has been produced in a big size model!
- The 34 flexible points allows you great freedom of posing.
- The marking will be done with the water transfer decal, for easy positioning.
- The awesome detail will stir your desire to customize!
- Comes with a booklet by the help of Hobby Japan and Dengeki Hobby Magazine, which covers the way to use tools, how to attach decal, and how to paint the model etc. B5 size full color 16p booklet.

- Each part has its parts number embedded on its back, allowing you to easily tell what number it is.
- Easy removal of parts from the frame with the use of [wedge gate] on the parts.
- Also comes with a gate separator for easier removal of parts.
- And comes with a parts separator for easy separation of parts, incase you accidentally join the wrong parts.
- Utilizes the frame lock system to reduce joining the wrong parts, for easier construction.
- A poly-cap with click mechanism utilized to support the immense weight of the large-scale model applied to the joints.

- Includes: Beam Rifle, Beam Saber x2, Shield, Double separator x2